Sunday, May 23, 2004

I guess it's been a while since I wrote last... The QBC ppl left today. Almost everyone was crying except me. I felt like a freakin robot. And now they're all gone and I'm a lonely robot stuck here with shitloads of homework to do. Gawd.

DOoFy. Hahahaa. DOoFy the Driver. lol.

*Every time our eyes meet... This feeling inside me...*

yup. well I'm bored.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Well. We had an exchange thing today at the beach. Fun. But I didn't bring my bathing suit. Typical. Oh well. Mum brought clothing. Hmm. Yes.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Whoa, flashback to QBC... The Offspring's 'Hit that'. Holy crap. Hehehe.
Only 3 days til the QBC ppl come. It's going to be sooo fun. On Friday we go to Victoria and we get to go to the wax museum and undersea world and stuff. WOOT! Hahaha.
Hmmm... Hyperness is gone. Sigh.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Birthday party was last night. Whew, glad that's over. It wasn't sooo bad, I did have fun, but whatever. I got a 'LOSER' hat (thx Melissa) and a mini lava lamp which, hidden inside, is perfume!! Who knew? Obviously not Jazmine. LOL. But all in all it was a v fun night. Also got total of $70 which was excellent. Even though I might've spent $40 of it today... heh heh... Oh well, am still left $30.
Mackenzieeeeee is gone. To Hardy. For a play. Better be a fuckin good play...
None to tell that I have 21 NPs per day... nope... all alone in the NeoWorld...
Funest part of last night was when me, Kate, Anya ran away. No one noticed. Teehee.
Weird guy on the bus today. kept going on about bus being 4 minutes late according to his watch which was the right time. And about gargoyles. Bit obsessed, really.
MMM... take me down to the paradise city... Yay! Love my new CDs. Thx Caitlyn. Hehe. INWARD SINGING, DUDE! Haha, Tenacious D rocks (and not only half the time, either.)
Ohhh. Oops, forgot. Well. Am going to leave. Hmm.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Bob: Have you lost weight?
Me: No, (laughs), it's just the shirt.
Bob: Oh... (pauses) So you're still fat?
Jeez, I feel loved. Actually, I do. I'm in an incredibly great mood right now. I went shopping today and got a v cute skirt and pink teeshirt. Flipflops, too. I'm "funky."
Extremely hyped for birthday party in two days. Can seriously NOT wait. And hyped for Powell River. Not quite as much, though.
Must buy baseball hat. Soon. Or steal one from someone. But no, that;s too... no. Will buy one.
Debating whether to have shower tonight, braid hair, blow dry, and take out in morning. Hmmm. Curly hair? Or not. Curly, I think. Will go do that as will take a while. Good thing have nothing else to do tonight.

Besides homework. Shiiiiiiit. Flippin school. Grr. Oh well. Prefer to spend time doing hair.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Well apparently my head was stepped on as a baby. That explains alot. And today my grandmother also ran me over with a car today. Nobody loves me. =(
**Nooobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go and eat worms**
Ugh, I really don't want to do homework.
**Jesus' brother Bob, Jesus' brother Bob, A nobody relative of the son of God**
Well, maybe I'lll get to that homework.
Or not.

Sunday, May 02, 2004


Ok, phiew. I almost forgot that one. ; )
I just made some horns to attach to my hoodie. They're all demonish except for the fact that they're lilac because I had no red fabric. It makes them look all cute, which isn't necessairily bad but wasn't quite what I was going for.
I'm so bored. I'm actually listening to "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts". I'm just such losRE (...DROOL...)
The next few days are gonna suck because you band geeks aren't here!!! You're all in VANCOUVER!! (mumble}Better bring me something back.{mumble)
Hmm. I should be cleaning right now but I think I'll just sit here and continue to procrastinate. Yes, that's much more appealing. I'll clean tmrw. Good plan.
I have a sudden urge to be a pirate. YO HO! Ahh, that feels better.
I think I want to go watch a movie. BUT I HAVE NO GOOD MOVIES!! [Hint to anyone who reads this before my birthday.]
Macki: i like to live on the wild side..oh burn! im cool ...or..i drool....that works too
Wow, great times.

Well.. this is my first "Post" so I just wanted to say Hello, and that, well, I tend to NOT update things but I'll try really hard. Yes.

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