Sunday, July 04, 2004

Heeeerrrrre Macki...

Thursday, July 1
Went treasure hunting with Erin. Was v. fun. Think will go again tmrw. Went in the boat. Tmrw we're going into town. Am going to the swamp now.
Later, Thursday
Won 'Spit' and 'Uno' by cheating just a little bit. *We are the champions, my friend...* (YES I astually started to sing that song BOTH times.) Then we got red glowsticks in honour of Canada day but Erins didnt work so I gave her mine.

Friday, July 2
Today I went to town with Mikki, Alison and Erin. We went to Zellers because there were escalators and we went on all of them. I bought cool new flipflops and gum. I also bought a pin at a little shop that says "I'll start my diet tomorrow" teehee. Then we came back and went swimming.

Saturday, July 3
Had SO MUCH fun today. Went swimming and boating. Ate ice cream and chips. Exposed ourselves in public and had showers. Yay.

Sunday, July 4
Swam all day and kissed ANOTHER frog. (Not my prince, tho :( Dammit) had über fun. Can't wait to gohome, tho.

Happy. Macki? I wrote those just for you lol. I MISSED YOU AND YOUR SEX. lol catch ya later

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